Why you should hire a coach

by | Mar 11, 2021

Whether you’re an employer wanting to offer value to your employees through personal development (ie. Strengthen their path, time management, organization etc.) or yourself needing a little guidance through your next chapter, here are a few of my favourite ways to help people.

To help you set goals

– these goals may pertain to your professional gain, your health and wellness or your personal growth.

To find your values

– knowing what matters most to you will support all aspects of your life but will help you make goals based on what will make you happy.

You want to make changes in your career or advance your career

– this can also be your own business; you know the saying “two heads are better than one”. This is most certainly the case when brainstorming creative ideas or the next steps to get you to where you want to be.

To hold you accountable

– this means we touch base every week (or daily pending on your program). Maybe you didn’t accomplish anything (and that’s ok!) let me help you get back on track.

Time management

– we can schedule goals, tasks or to-do lists to be done by a certain time (and guess what? I’m calling to make sure, and if they’re not done? We’re doing them together…)

You want to cultivate better habits and behaviours

– have you been telling yourself that “you’ll start tomorrow” for the last however many months (maybe years)? The time is now. Let’s get down to business. Do you want to be happier in life? Healthier? Eat better? Find more time in your day for things that really matter? Feel accomplished at the end of the day? Learn/educate? Smile more? Date? Become a stronger leader at work? Enjoy your children more? Be more organized at home or at work? You can create these changes with as little as a 10-minute commitment a day. And it’s fun! Try me.

Contact me for a free consultation and let’s see how I can help you. Flexible and affordable options for everyone to get on their best path!

<3 Jennifer