Coaching and Workshops

by | Nov 2, 2020

Now that I have a few regular coaching clients and multiple teen sessions under my belt, I want to share some of my processes with you. I’ve really noticed the importance of having an outside perspective for feedback. A third party, if you will, to set you straight, pivot you in the right direction when necessary and give you honest reactions to your thoughts, goals and progression. This doesn’t even need to be a trained individual. This could be a colleague, or a friend who’s willing to give you authentic remarks and also recognize and acknowledge your accomplishments.

My 6-week coaching program can be done virtually or in-person, individually or with a friend. After defining what is most important to you, we will capture your priorities, set goals based on those, and create a vision for your future desires. My workshop incudes daily routines for great habits, worksheets/(fun!) homework to keep you on track and accountable, as well as face-to-face for an hour a week, with check-ins. My clients vary from a different avenue in their life. Some are looking for more meaningful work, or unhappy in their current job; some feel they’re in a rut or can’t get motivated, many are waiting until they are their preferred health or fitness level to date (spoiler alert! There is no recommended size or fitness level for finding love!) and others just want to work on personal development. I am here to help you define your needs and wants, break it down to bite size pieces, and then conquer the course of action. My goal for you? To help you accomplish your goals, create a vision to work towards and crush your goals.

The number 1 takeaway for me, from my clients is that they all felt that this is something they could figure out for themselves. And yes, we all tell ourselves that we will do better at this next time, we will stop this as of tomorrow or start doing this as of next week, etc. but if you don’t get to the reason behind wanting these things and why they’re so important, aligning them with values that are most imperative to you, and have a concrete way to document and hold yourself accountable, you will find constantly find yourself on repeat week after week, year after year. Sound familiar? Well, it’s time to do something about it…